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2002 FFP2 NR

2002 FFP2 NR


C Series foldable dust mask


İKOM  2002  FFP2  NR

  * Foldable
  * Complies with EN149:2001+A1:2009 standards
  * 4 x oel protection level
  * Complies with EU 425/2016 PPE directive
  * It is protective against solid particles and liquid aerosols.  

  * Coal Mining
  * Construction
  * Shipbuilding
  * Iron Steel
  * Agriculture
  * Enginerring
  * Ligt Manufacturing  


  * Insert the breahting device and check the resistance of it before enter the contaminated area.
  * During the period of exposure to polution,keep your respiratory device.
  * Use your breathing respiratory device according to the health and safety rules.
  * If you face with conditions below ,take the repiratory device away and get a new one:               
    If the respiratory device is taken off in poluted  area.               
    If the respiratory device is too poluted to breath or if it is too difficult to keep it.              
    If the respiratory device is out of order.(If the smell of condensation is  dedected in the respiratory devices to protect against condensation.)      * When the dizzinnes, nausea or other symptoms occurs,leave the contaminated space.
  * One time use only,meintance-free.Don't keep it after the use  or don't ude again.
  * Keep the devices which aren'tused yet in a closed  box and keep  them in clean and dryed areas   -20 C and + 40 C. 

   1.    Hold the mask in your hand with the rubber straps hanging forwards the front over the                        .
   2-3.Place the rubber straps  over your head-first the lower one down to your neck and than  the upper one to crown of your head.If you find             the elastics  too loose,they can be  tighteded by wrapping them arraund the side clip.
   4.   Carefully shape the nose clip to fit your nose and adjust the mask to achive a completely tigt  with your face. Test the tightness by                       blowing out air is passing out under the nose clip or leaking out else where,this must be eliminated before entering contaminatrd area
         PLEASE NOTE:Beard or facial hair may effect the efficiency of product.  

         Keep both hands on top of respiratory equipment and vigorously exahale-so that there should  be pressure in the respiratory equipment-           if you feel the air around the links.Set the respiratory device with metal support again and/or increase the tensipn of rubber bands.                     Until you are sure the mask is loaded correctly,
         If you use a mask with non-adjustable straps and if you realize that the straps are  loose          
        You can raise tension by discarding small nodes on the rubber tape.  

       * When the fallowing events occur,do not use the respiratory equipment or do not stay  in the polluted area.           
       * If the ratio of oxygen is less than 19 %.         
       * If the consentration is not known or if it has life-threatening.         
       * If the certain consentrations exceed the limit value which is identified in the health  and safety provisions,or protection factor x the value             of NPF - the one which is lower.The nominal protection factors: for FFP1  4,for FFP2  12,for FFP3 20.If the gases or  the condensations             are existed- Except the breathing apparatus which are avaible protect from the gases/condensationand in this the consantrastion of                   condensation gases mustn't  exceed NPF.          
      * Breathing apparatus which protect against organic condensation,should not be used .As a protection against acidic condensation,the                same in reverse is also valid repeat this process.

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Copyright 2021 - İmsan Ltd.Şti